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Outdoor Area Under 2s

This area includes a wide range of textures and senses for the younger children in the nursery.

There is a large astro-turf area with a small climbing frame to aid in the physical development of the younger children. We also have a quiet area where the children can enjoy quiet time with the staff.

The wet pour safety surface looks like a beach. Here the more able children can begin to use walkers, small bikes and cars as well as take part in further stimulating activities.

All the areas are enhanced with various toys, musical instruments and activities.

Outdoor Play Area Over 2s

Stage And Music Area

First Steps Nursery has invested in their garden area and believes it is a valuable part of the structured day. The stage area  enjoys a range of large musical instruments such as Drums, Xylophone and musical chimes. There is also a cosy area for the children to relax on large bean bags and chairs where they can interact with their friends..

Story Area

This area enables all rooms to bring story time outside. Dedicated areas with natural wooden hand carved seats and a large story telling chair enables the children to enjoy what is one of their favourite times of the day. Here children have access to various books and story sacks to enable fun interactive learning through stories.

Small World Area

Our small world area is made up of a large willow dome. Once the children enter they become small people with oversized wooden mushrooms, large mirrors and sculptured wooden seating. A fantastic area for children to explore a mythical world and try and find our friendly troll who lives there!!!

Climbing Frame And Construction Site

Creates a physical challenge for all the children. Incorporating a slide, look out tower, site office and digging pit complete with working crane. The children never get bored as the staff enhance the area with small additions such as the cement mixer, digging tools, high-viz jackets and builders hats to make the day more fun. From being a construction worker one day to a knight the next this climbing frame provides hours of fun on a daily basis.


Our roadway provides the children with opportunities not just to use the wide range of bikes and cars we have, but for the older children to understand the importance of crossing the road safely and looking for traffic. Complete with traffic lights, cones, petrol pump and road signs this is a really popular area of the garden.

Trim Trail

This area enables children of all ages to engage in additional physical activities. The area has balance beams, stepping logs, traverse (Climbing Wall) and Burmah Bridge. All adding additional fun whilst enjoying the garden.

“The Various Challenges Available To The Children In The Garden Have Been Well Thought And Are Well Managed. It Allows Children To Grow Not Just In Confidence But In Physical Ability” Ofsted 

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