Healthy Eating

At our nursery we encourage all our children to develop and grow through a well-balanced healthy diet. We offer daily nutritious food for all the children in our care; our menus are carefully planned with the emphasis on healthy eating.

In 2019 the nursery received the golden apple award from the local authority for providing a healthy balanced diet throughout the nursery.

Our setting has a fully equipped kitchen, inspected by Environmental Health Officers and staffed by a qualified cook.

Fresh drinking water is always available and accessible throughout the nursery. Each room has a water dispenser that is refreshed on a regular basis.

Children are proactively encouraged to self-serve at mealtimes. A little helper is appointed at each meal to help give out cups and utensils.

Our menus change on a seasonal basis to reflect the fresh fruit and vegetables that are available.

We invite parents to provide input to the menus as part of our commitment of partnerships with parents.

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