Our Baby room caters for children aged 12 weeks to 12 months.

With a staff to baby ratio of 1:3 our baby room is the most intimate and cosiest room. From day one we build good relationships with our parents and careers, working to your routine for your individual child.  The nursery provides an online system (parent zone) in which parents can access throughout the day to let you know what activities your child has been participating in.  What and how much your child has eaten, sleep patterns and nappy changes.

Minimal furniture and inviting spaces with carefully selected equipment allows the babies to develop and explore their environment and encourage and stimulate their first initial play experiences. Our baby room offers a wonderful experience full of textures and creative spaces where our babies are encouraged to explore and stimulate their young developing minds.

The babies have every opportunity to roll, crawl, sit, climb, balance, reach, grasp and throw in this spacious and light room. The room also incorporates a cosy corner for ‘Quiet Time’ where the younger babies can relax and marvel at the wonders of the world

The room is equipped with its own nappy changing area and access to a separate private sleeping room allowing babies to relax and rest whenever they need. This sleep room is monitored by internal CCTV with a video screen in the baby room to closely monitor the children as they sleep. The room is also temperature controlled for the baby’s comfort and monitored by sound.

The babies have access to the under two’s outside play area, which has a covered area and a soft surface area, where they can continue their physical development.

All our meals are made fresh every day and staff within the room have attended in house baby room training and child development. We cater for all faiths and allergies and menus are displayed in the entrance hallway and outside the kitchen.

Baby Sleep Room

Here the babies have chance to rest in a quiet tranquil environment. Each child is allocated a cot with their own bedding and any comforters they require.

The temperature is consistently monitored to ensure optimum temperature and sound is monitored via intercom.

As with all rooms there is CCTV installed and a direct video link to the baby room where the children can be constantly monitored to make sure their needs are always met.

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