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We’re Going On a Bear Hunt!!!!!!!!!!

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We’re Going On a Bear Hunt!!!!!!!!!!

Pre-School have enjoyed listening to We’re going on a bear hunt story this week. Nicola planned lots of exciting activities based on this story from the children’s interests.

The children first made and ate honey sandwiches because the children told Nicola the bear at the end of the story was sad and he might of wanted to eat honey sandwiches.

When the children went outside to play, the garden had turned into a bear hunt the children were very happy and enjoyed jumping and walking through the different things until they came to a dark gloomy cave and found a BEAR! the children ran away very fast.

Today the children have helped pick resources to build their own bear hunt in the room, Nicola helped the children set the bear hunt up and then they found little people to act out the story with, they loved running back and fourth from the cave to the house away from the bear.

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