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Science Experiments


This week has been full of experiments! The pre-schoolers have really enjoyed predicting different outcomes and thinking about the process. Some of the experiments include:

Dancing raisins: We put some raisins in water and some in lemonade then compared what happened to both. The ones in the lemonade started to jump up and down as if they were dancing!

Skittles experiment: We put some skittles on a plate in a circle, then added some milk. We watched carefully as all the colour began to disperse and create a beautiful rainbow effect.

Coloured flowers: We added different food colourings to some pots of water and put some white flowers in each pot. Each day we checked the flowers and after a couple of days the petals began to change colour.

Coloured Volcanoes: We added food colouring and baking powder to some pots. We squirted some vinegar into each pot and watched as the mixture erupted and fizzed over until the colours all mixed together.

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