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Oral Health- Brush Bus

We are currently doing the ‘Brush Bus Scheme’ in our over 2’s room.

The children brush their teeth daily at nursery, we promote healthy eating by offering fruit and vegetables. We offer water and milk for drinks through-out the day.

There are things that parents/carers can do at home as well to promote healthy teeth and good oral hygiene:

Sugary drinks- not offering juice in a bottle and only offering it at meals times.

Teething –it can help to give a teething baby something hard to chew on, such as a teething ring

Dummies can help to soothe and settle a baby but often using them for a long period of time, can become a habit and this may affect their speech and the appearance of their teeth.

Lift the lip -lift your child’s lip every month and look for changes on their teeth. This could be early signs of tooth decay.

Cups- from 6 months encourage your child to use a training cup such as tommee tippee or doidy cup.

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