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Infant Mental Awareness Week

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Infant Mental Awareness Week

The association for infant mental health uk exists to generate awareness of and knowledge about the importance of infant mental health, not only for the long-term well-being of the child, but for society more generally.

They will be releasing relevant articles each day throughout Infant Mental Health Awareness Week to include:

Day 1: Difficult Beginnings: Pregnancy
Finding out your baby has a genetic disorder. How that impacts Parental Foetal Attachment in pregnancy and beyond.
Julianne Boutaleb

Day 2: Difficult Beginnings: Birth

How a traumatic or difficult birth impacts the baby and parent-infant relationship.
Emma Svanberg

Day 3: Difficult Beginnings: After Birth
How the baby and parent-infant relationship is impacted by a stay in SCBU/NICU.
Tommy’s – funding research/saving babies’ lives 

Day 4: Difficult Beginning: First Few Months
When previous losses get in the way of the parent-infant attachment.
Dr Beckie Lang

Day 5: Difficult Beginnings: Getting Some Help

If things aren’t going well in pregnancy or following the birth of the baby, it is important for parents to seek help.
Professor Jane Barlow

Please click on the link to visit the website for more information.

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