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Baking biscuits

Today in Dashing Deers we have been measuring ingredients to make some apple and pear biscuits. We all sat together around the table, and I asked the children what all the different ingredients were called and I also asked them what colour the ingredients were. I encouraged the children to take it in turns to pour the ingredients into the bowl and then we all had a turn to mix it all together with a spoon. Once all the children had a turn of mixing, I then put my hands in and squashed it all together to make a big ball. While I was squashing it all together the children were shouting “eww” and “look” and then pointed to my hands because the mix had stuck to my fingers. I started laughing and I said “eww” as well. When the ingredients was ready and in a ball I started rolling it out and once it was ready I asked the children to come over to me one by one they choose which fruit cutter they would like to use. When they had choose I then encouraged them to push the cutter down and gave it a little wiggle. When they had finished I picked it up and put it onto the tray. Once all the children had done a biscuit I told them that I was going to put them into the oven to bake and then we can decorate them in the afternoon. After the children woke up from the their sleep we got the some green icing sugar and sprinkles and we all decorated them. They even had a little lick of their fingers so they could taste the yummy icing sugar.

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