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Whole Nursery Christmas fun month

This month at nursery we will be having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas.

We will be doing lots of different activities such as baking, creating Christmas cards and much more.

During this month we will be having traditional Christmas dinner and a Christmas party.


Whole Nursery Christmas Party

Today all the nursery will be having a Christmas party, bring your child into nursery wearing their favourite party outfit.

We will be doing lots of party games and dancing to party music through-out the day. We are having a very special visitor in the afternoon, Father Christmas is bringing gifts galore.

We will be ending the day with party tea.


Whole Nursery Food Week

This week the children will be being little chef’s and baking and cooking lots of different foods such as pitta pizzas, cakes, brownies and smoothies.

Kat and Julie our nursery chef’s will be cooking a special healthy treat with Wise Owls.

Please feel free to bring some of your child’s favourite recipes into nursery from home.


Whole Nursery Wise Owls Science Week

This week Alex the Pre-school teacher will be doing lots of different experiences with the children such as making volcanoes, dancing raisins and skittle rainbows.

This is to promote the children’s cognitive development.

Cognitive development in children involves the progressive building of learning skills, such as attention, memory and thinking. These crucial skills enable children to process sensory information and eventually learn to evaluate, analyze, remember, make comparisons and understand cause and effect.


Whole Nursery Winter Olympics

This week all the children will be re creating their own Winter Olympics. Each room will be organising special events including Basketball, Archery, Football and Gymnastics.

If we then have snow or ice the children will be looking at sports around the winter weather for example Bobsleigh and ski jumping.

At the end of the week each of the children will have the chance to win a gold, silver or bronze medal for all their hard work in their competitions.


Whole Nursery Pancake Day

All the children will be helping to make pancakes today. Each room will be mixing their own ingredients and choosing their favourite toppings.

When the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed the children will hand it over to Julie and Kat our chef’s to make their tasty pancakes.


Whole Nursery Chinese New Year

We are celebrating Chinese New Year in style here at First Steps. This year it is the year of the Dog.

We are looking at traditional dress, tasting authentic Chinese food and learning about how each year is portrayed by an animal.

The children will be researching Chinese dance and trying out their own interpretation of this in the hall.

Come along and take a look at all our amazing activities.


Whole Nursery World Book Day

Today at nursery we are celebrating our favourite books.

Each child can come to nursery dressed up as their favourite character for example,  Harry with his bucketful of dinosaurs, Chase from Paw patrol or the Gruffalo etc.

During the day staff will be reading lots of books to the children and creating artwork depicting the child’s favourite part.

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